Trick or Trend: Fall Fashion 2018

By: Anjali Arapirala

The cold breeze rustles through the transforming fall leaves, while the dark sky falls faster as the day goes on. Just in our peripheral, Halloween is creeping around the corner. It’s October! Now is the time to dip into the layers, jackets, and boots of your closet. Fall fashion trends are unique this year to say the least; maybe it’s time to take a step out of your comfort zone (while still staying cozy of course). Let’s break down what trends hit the runway this fall:


  • Fall Colors: Of course, the seasonal fall colors are making comebacks: navy blues, burgundy’s, burnt oranges, and olive greens. As a bright pop in this palette of colors and to pay homage to the pop culture era during the 80’s, mustard yellow is a color to own this season, especially if you are one to make a statement!  All these shades fit into this year’s palette, but the color of this fall season is red. On the runway, there are dramatic, red monochromatic looks, but you can slip it into your everyday outfit with a pair red ankle boots or cardigan.
  • Statement Jackets: Whether it is any texture or pattern, a big, out-there statement jacket can complete any outfit this fall. The best things about fall is that the whole vibe of the fashion is very cozy. You can begin an outfit with just jeans, a plain turtle, and some ankle boots, and to jazz it up, throw on a statement jacket.
  • Animal Print: Speaking of statement jackets, a pattern that will easily say “statement” is animal print. Cheetah, tiger, and zebra print are all patterns to incorporate into your looks this fall season. By keeping the rest of your outfit low key with a pair of flats or a plain sweater, just adding in a slight pop of animal print will take your outfit to the next level, while also being on point.
  • Plaid: As we know, plaid has been a staple pattern during the fall season for years now; however, the runway has presented a little twist on this generic print. Some designers utilized plaid in way where it is presented in unique silhouettes such as asymmetrical skirts, dresses or pants. With the goal of paying homage to the 90’s Clueless’ Cher Horowitz, the layering of monochromatic plaids or different colors and textures of plaid has made a comeback his season.
  • Shoes: Moving on from sandals and flip flops, it time to bring out those closed toed shoes! The casual ballet flat has always been a staple shoe in anyone’s closet and now it would be great to bring them out to fit with the fall weather. Sneakers with embellished crystals and studs or embroidery have been big hit this season as well. The biggest and most popular trend of this fall season and any fall season is ankle boots. These shoes come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them versatile for anyone and everyone. Throw them on with any outfit to complete your look! The bigger the heel, the dressier the look!




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