Class of 2017 to graduate June 15th

by Sonia Patel and Jhanvi Parikh

It may be time to say goodbye to our seniors, but before we do, there is one last hurrah for the class of 2017: graduation. As they complete their long journey through high school, Henrico High School seniors will graduate on June 15th, 2017 at the Siegel Center at 7:00 P.M. All of the students and staff members at Henrico High School wish them the best of luck as they continue their journey in life. This year, Henrico’s valedictorian is Courtney Green and the salutatorian is Ashwin Chetty, and they will both be attending Yale University next year.

“My speech will focus on the role social media plays in dictating one’s perception of his or her worth. I really want people to understand the value in reaching for their own goals, despite what family, friends, social media, society etc… have to say about it. When I attend Yale, I would love to major in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. I’d also love to join a theatre group if I have the chance! I ultimately want to become a Cardio-Thoracic or a Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon after attending medical school” said senior Green.

Senior Valerie Young stated, “I will be attending University of Virginia for college, and I hope to major in Computer Science and Business Management. I am also very excited to see my friends graduate this year.”

As exciting as it may be to see the seniors graduate, they will definitely be missed next year by their peers and teachers. Ms. Castillo-Rose said, “I am very happy for the seniors to graduate this year, and we hope that the graduation goes as planned!”

In a few days, the class of 2017 will leave with smiles on their faces, remembering that they are always and always will be an essential part of Warrior Nation. Congratulations to all seniors, teachers, and other staff members for working hard and dedicating an immense amount of time to accomplish their goals and reaching this milestone. Everyone at Warrior Nation hopes each and every senior is happy as to where he or she will be going, and we wish them all a successful future!



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