Varsity boys’ soccer team looks towards a brighter future

By Azzaam Kapadia
soccer picture.PNG
Junior Ashwath Malaisamy drives down the field in a game versus Hanover High School.
Photo by Mr. Allred

The Henrico boys’ varsity soccer team played really hard this season; however, ending the year with a record of 4-10-2, the squad did not make the playoffs. Despite finishing each game exhausted and defeated at some points, they pushed through the entire season showing how determined they truly were.  

Many of the starters on last year’s team were seniors.  Along with the juniors, a few of the seniors who played last year were unable to return for this season for various reasons. With many new starting players with not much experience on the team this season, each game they grew as teammates and never gave up on each other. Coach Sherrill put in a tremendous amount of effort to get his players better each and every practice and game.  

“The 2017 Boys’ Soccer Season included much hard work and dedication from many young players. The team improved throughout the season and will be returning a majority of the key players for 2018. The future looks bright for the soccer program” Coach Sherrill commented.  

Everyone contributed to a significant amount to the team. However, there are a couple players who made an impact through their energetic and jubilant spirit. After every game, despite a loss, junior Ashwath Malaisamy and senior Abdullah Bushra have maintained a positive attitude and seem to always resonate a tone of perseverance. The remaining players pick up on this attitude and display a diligent ethic. In addition, they both set a high bar for work ethic and they also do an exceptional job in captioning the team.

“Each player’s individual commitment is what makes our team successful. We bring everything to the table and more importantly we have become a family. Our chemistry as a family has made us understand each other and have a common vision. Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together brings success” Malaisamy said.

Fortunately, there are only three seniors who will be leaving the team next year. Zack Long, a strong center midfielder. Eagan Alsheshki, the goalie for the team, and Anish Bacchu, a promising forward.

“You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great” sophomore Sam Ravva said.  Ravva plays right, left, and central midfielder for the team. He has been a starter on the team since his freshman year.

The last game of the season was against Hermitage High School where the teams tied 2-2.  The Henrico warriors displayed hard work and a great team chemistry. Each teammate encouraged the others to keep it going and maintain a positive mindset, which led to a decent result.

Although the team did not make the playoffs this year, the level of talent on the team has been increasing each year. Based on their improvement from last season, it is most definite that the playoffs is a very reachable goal for them next season. The team is promising, young, and determined and holds only six upperclassmen, showing how the team has more time to improve as a whole.


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