Summer Fun Suggestions:

by Shriya Tripathi and Hakinya Karra

Finally, summer is here! Every student dreams of the moment in which they can put down their pencils, put away their laptops, and finally relax. However, for some, summer may seem like an endless, boring experience. Often, we get stuck with so much free time that we have no idea what to do.  

Here are some ideas that will help to fill your summer with enjoyable moments:

  1. A road trip with your friends to the beach.
  2. Going hiking around Virginia; there are many beautiful historical places to visit.
  3. Spend quality time with your family – doing schoolwork all the time takes away from time to spend with your loved ones.
  4. Go to free concerts and listen to music.
  5. Organize outdoor games with your friends.
  6. Catch up on reading – Read for Fun!
  7. Binge-watch Netflix shows you missed while doing homework. Some great shows are Riverdale, How to Get Away with Murder, Fuller House, Stranger Things.  
  8. Learn how to cook (for seniors going off to college – this is a great activity to start).
  9. Travel — or plan the perfect dream vacation!
  10. Do crafts (learn how to make bracelets, create items to decorate your room with, personalize school supplies for next year).
  11. Go on bike rides around nature trails.
  12. Do something you’ve always wanted to do – like learn photography or take classes for your interest!

There’s so much to do over the summer and most of it will not cost you a dime! Whether it’s taking a new risk or just spending time catching up with friends, there’s something for everyone.

Happy Summer, Everyone!


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