Softball hopes to swing back next year

by Yash Kandula

Softball Picture.jpgWith last season’s record being 0-7, the Lady Warriors weren’t sure of where to begin. They have had quite a losing streak the past year and were nervous to see how the games would turn out. The team welcomed a couple of new faces and welcomed back returning players for yet another productive season. Not knowing where to start, the girls let their instincts take over as they struck again. Their goal for the season was to make it to playoffs, improve their skills and grow as a team.  

All the girls’ hard work paid off with an overall improvement of their seasonal record. They played against a variety of schools in Hanover, Henrico, Hopewell, and Chesterfield Counties. They played their first game March 7th and continuously fought through every game, ending their season on May 15th.

In March, the ladies played against Thomas Dale, Hopewell, Godwin, Steward, Freeman, Hanover, Atlee, Glen Allen, and Varina. The girls lost all of these games.

Even though they showed great tenacity through April, the team ended up with more losses against Varina, Patrick Henry, Highlands Spring, Lee Davis, Armstrong, and Freeman. They did, however, have a major win against Armstrong on April 19th, with a slamming score of 11-0.

The team ended their season in May games against Patrick Henry, Hanover, Highland Springs, Atlee, Tucker, and Hermitage. They definitely finished the season on a strong note as they won against Highland Springs twice with scores of 15-0 and 28-1. Their overall noted season record was 3-13.

With the motivation to keep trying, the lady warrior’s softball team came a long way from last season. Although they did not meet their original goal to make it to the playoffs, they undoubtedly grew as a team.

Co-captain junior Katie Bryant stated that “We know that softball is not necessarily a popular sport at this school, but we work hard, whether rain or shine, every day to make softball known at Henrico High School.”

Regardless of all the losses, senior Tammra Washington states that the most exciting aspect of a game is “the talk me and my team have before the game.”

The lady warrior’s give thanks to coaches Bryant, Lewis, and Ra for always believing in them and making the team possible. The girls are ready to keep the momentum rolling and come back stronger next year.

Junior Samantha Connor throws her last shot of the season against Hermitage High School.


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