Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior

By Saranya Kasinathuni

Henrico High School will always be known for its vibrant campus activities, talented students, and enthusiastic teachers. However, not everyone can stay on campus forever, as this year’s graduating class of 2017 can attest to. Much like their graduating students, who are taking the next steps in their future academic, professional, and personal lives, some teachers are also leaving Henrico High School to pursue their next steps.Two of these beloved teachers are Señora Theresa Llewellyn and Mrs. Lauren Lorello, who teach Spanish and biology respectively.

Señora Llewellyn teaches IB Spanish levels two, three, and four, and plays an essential role in preparing her students for the rigorous Diploma Programme course. Her teaching method emphasizes grammar, but it does not involve rote memorization or textbook pages.

Junior Ansh Patel, a former student of Llewellyn, states, “Ms. Llewellyn was a teacher who didn’t care about textbooks or memorization. She cared about her students and taught them the right way, and without her my Spanish abilities would not be where they are today.”

Junior Sukhleen Kaur, another former student, agreed with Patel, stating that “Señora didn’t just teach me Spanish; she established my fascination and appreciation for the language.”

At the end of this scholastic year, Señora Llewellyn is retiring and plans to move down to Jacksonville, Florida to be closer to her grandchild. After her many years teaching Spanish at Henrico High School, all of her students, current and former, will surely miss her enthusiastic personality, deep knowledge of the Spanish language, and thoughtful advice.

Mrs. Lorello teaches Biology for IB freshmen, juniors, and seniors, teaching the Middle Years Programme, Standard Level, and Higher Level courses. She taught Biology at Henrico High School for seven years, during which she was chosen as Henrico’s Top Teachers in 2013.  After this scholastic year, is transferring to another high school to continue teaching and will also pursue a Master’s degree in Biology. In preparation for her departure from Henrico High School, Lorello gave each one of her students personalized messages and addressed each class individually. Her love for Biology and her students transcended throughout all of her students throughout the year.

Junior Reetu Manchem, in the Standard Level class, stated that, “Mrs. Lorello never fails to make me smile and feel motivated. She was not only a wonderful teacher, but she was a kind friend to all of us.”

Fellow junior Rishma Singh agreed, stating, “I’ll always remember Lorello for her hugs, and for being a kind teacher who really helped me throughout the school year. She really deserves this opportunity.”

When she is not teaching Biology, Ms. Lorello enjoys showing her students pictures of her ducks and dog, along with sharing her love of otters. All of Ms. Lorello’s students, current and former, will miss her methodical and informative teaching style, her kindness, and of course, her love of otters.

Mrs. Lorello stated that “I will forever be grateful for my time spent at Henrico High School and for the privilege of being a Warrior.  I could not ask for better people to work with than those that I am thankful to have had here. I could also not ask for a better group of kids to have taught this year. They made leaving even harder!”  

For each and every teacher who works at Henrico High School, especially those who will no longer be with us next year, all students at this school appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm towards watching students succeed. Señora Llewellyn and Ms. Lorello are certainly not the only teachers who are leaving.  We wish the following teachers the best of luck and remember that once a warrior, always a warrior.  

Teachers transferring/moving to another school:

Kelly Caine

Matthew Banning

Jesse Vinci

Jamie Anderson

Megan Brown

Karen Moody

Adrian Ward

Lauren Lorello

Matthew Banning

Tonya Birdsong

Dan Goodman

Tiffany Trower

Chandler Kwarta

Teachers retiring:

Wayne Owens

David Stone

Thomas Jeremiah

Theresa Llewellyn






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