Girls’ Soccer Ends a Challenging Season

by Yash Kandula

Girls' Soccer PictureThe Varsity Girls’ Soccer season started with a sudden turn. With the coach quitting in the beginning of the season, the girls faced a major setback. However, with a new coach, new players, and returning players, the girls were able to easily bounce back and finish the season together as a team.

Despite a couple of setbacks, the girls were able to channel their energy in the right way and turn it into positive attitude and teamwork.

Sophomores Kaylee Anderson and Lucy Grochulska both agreed that their relationship as teammates grew and became stronger in their last two years on the team.

They played against many teams and took each game as an opportunity to acquire knowledge about the sport.

In March, the lady warriors faced Matoca, Meadowbrook, Godwin, Hanover, Atlee, and Glen Allen. They lost all their games, but luckily, tied against Meadowbrook with a score of 2-2. Regardless of their record, they persevered as they played against Varina, Patrick Henry, Highland Springs, Atlee, Lee-Davis, and Armstrong in April. The ladies lost all their games in April; however, they came back with some jaw dropping finishes in May.

The last month of their season, they played against Hanover, Highland Springs, Lee-Davis, Varina, Atlee, Tucker, and Armstrong. They won two of their games against Tucker and Highlands Springs. The team ended up with two wins and one tie for the season.  

With more new players, rising seniors, and the help of Coach Seward, the varsity girls have a game plan on making next year’s season brighter. The girls are also looking to recruit some extraordinary junior varsity player to help them start a winning streak.

Junior captain Lauryn Johnson is confident and ready for next year as she stated that the team’s chemistry grew stronger and stronger, each day. She’s hoping her team will continue to grow next year.

With rising senior captains, Grace Meyer and Lauryn Johnson, the soccer team is going continue to be under great influences. The girls are ready to bring their a-game next year and hopefully have a more rewarding season. With their dedication, practice, and teamwork, the varsity team is guaranteed a lot of wins next year!


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