Softball Team Hopes to Succeed

By Yash Kandula

Despite their losses in the beginning of the season, the Lady Warrior softball team still holds their head up high.

The team is coached by coach Ra and captained by senior Samantha Conner. This week the girls played against Patrick Henry on Monday, May 1 with a loss of 16-0. They struck out again on Tuesday, May 2 against Hanover with another loss of 12-0. With these two games, the Lady Warrior’s record now is 1-8.

Although the season has not looked so bright for the softball team, they are not going to go home without a fight. Regardless of their record, Coach Ra motivates the girls by telling them, “Play every game like it’s your last.” Just as told, the girls encourage each other to stay strong and play fierce.

With the effort the girls have put into this season, they are guaranteed to take a win home before the season ends. Sophomore Rayn Robinson is determined to help the team win another game.

“We don’t practice until we get it right. We practice until we can’t get it wrong” Robinson commented.

The lady warriors have two upcoming games this week. On Thursday, May 4 they play against Maggie Walker at Virginia Union at 5 p.m. Their last game of the week is a home game on Friday, May 5 at 7 p.m. Despite the girls having a number of games this week, they have their aims set high and are batting for that homerun.




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