A Night in Paris: Prom 2017

by Urmi Pandya and Saranya Kasinathuni

Prom 2017, organized by the junior class officers, was held at the Omni Richmond Hotel on Saturday, April 29.  The night was full of dancing, laughing, and making memories.

Shreya Dwibedy, one of the junior class officers, spent a considerable amount of time and effort in organizing prom.

“The venue was amazing! We didn’t spend that much on decorations this year, but honestly, we didn’t even need any. The food selection was top notch — there was a quesadilla and stir-fry carving station. I know a lot of people enjoyed the photo booth as well,” she commented.

Many people who attended prom this year seem to be content with how it turned out.

“I thought it was super fun! It was definitely up to my expectations since the food was really good and so was the ambience. Nothing was halfway done and it seemed very thought-out,” commented junior Minoti Kishor.

While some praised aspects of prom, others found some parts of it to be disappointing.

“The music was better last year and it was hot in the ballroom,” said senior De’Jhane Berkley.

Although a few things were less than perfect, prom 2017 allowed students to spend and walk a night in Paris.

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Photo courtesy of Mr. Allred, Angie Vaughan, Adrian Ward, Adrianna Sullivan, Camille Varner, Kelli Hedgepeth, Rabia Husain


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