Baseball team pushes through season

By Azzaam Kapadia

Last year, the baseball team’s record was 3-4. For several years now, the team’s record has been on a constant losing streak despite the efforts and hard work of everyone involved.

This season, the team has gotten off to a rocky start.  They have played nine games-losing eight of them except for the one win against Armstrong High School.

Coach Bryan Uzzell, “is always encouraging us to do our best and pushes us towards the greatest we can be. Even though he gets angry when we lose game after game, he still pushes each and every individual on the team to keep pushing and to not give up” sophomore Taylor Stephens commented.

“With a couple jokes here and there, we work our hardest and put forth our best effort at practices and at games” Stephens added.

Even though the team has been going through a tough season so far, there are two particular star players who have been grinding the entire season: Senior Daniel Mumphrey and junior Maurice Dyer.

“Daniel excels at hitting. He has a tremendous work ethic and is a strong leader for the team. Daniel is a great encourager to the team on and off the field” Maurice is always the player we can count on to make a tough play in the field” sophomore Joe Pote said.

Along with these two star players, the captain of the team, junior Matt Headley, is the one who drives the team to not give up every game and practice. “Matt is a good pitcher because while he doesn’t throw super-fast, he is very accurate and has a nasty curveball” Pote commented.

“We have a lot of really tough matchups this year who are a lot better than us and it has been a tough schedule but none of us give up. We have been competing with great teams such as Freeman and Godwin who we have got crushed by in the past but we gave them a good fight this year” Pote continued.

Henrico lost 4-0 against Freeman and 8-4 against Godwin which is really good because they are two of the best teams in the region.

The warriors recently lost a game against Patrick Henry 11-0 on May 1st. However, many of their starters were injured. Daniel Mumphrey pitched 4 innings followed by the last inning pitched by Pote. Henrico was mercy ruled after 5 innings.

Their most recent match up on May 2nd against the Hanover High School Hawks was a 15-0 loss. Because of the lateness of the season, Coach Uzzell is starting to let the underclassmen into the games to gain experience and build on skills for next year’s season.

While the team continues to struggle, they are pushing through this season and still working together each game.  They play Highland Springs on Friday, May 5 at 6:00pm.



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