Girls Soccer Begins with a Rough Start

by Yash Kandula

A new season means another chance for the Lady Warriors to prove themselves. Through thick and thin, the girls have had each other’s backs all the way.

This year, the varsity girls’ Soccer team is coached by Coach Steward and is captained by juniors Grace Mayer and Lauren Johnson.

“My goal for captain this season is to help create a team that respects and trusts one another fully.  I want everybody on the team to enjoy the game even if we are not winning every game.  Another goal that I have is to use my ears and not get too fond of the sound of my own voice.  I want to allow everyone to contribute and help the team grow.  At the end of the day, when you score a goal or get the assist, you do it for the team because the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back” Mayer commented.

Despite losses again Glen Allen (0-8) and Hanover (0-7), the varsity squad still believes they can have a successful season.

“We have lots of room for improvement and I am looking forward for the season,” said sophomore Kaylee Anderson.

Along with varsity team, the JV team has a long road ahead of them. They have only played Glen Allen so far this season.

Sophomore Shreya Rajesh stated that “We give it our all in every game and try our best to play with goods sportsmanship and I know that we are going to improve a lot during this season.”

Both teams have the fervor to win and have a bright season

ahead of them.


Co-captains juniors Grace Mayer and Lauryn Johnson pose for a quick picture before the game against the Hanover Hawks


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