Softball team gears up for the rest of the season

by Yash Kandula

Despite their loses against Godwin(0-10), Hanover (1-4), and Glen Allen(0-12), the lady warrior softball team is still optimistic about the rest of the season.

Coached by Coach Ra and captained by senior Samantha Conner, the girls know that the beginning of each season is always rough, but the destination, if reached, will be perfect. With their daily practices, team work, sportsmanship, and passion, they are guaranteed to take the win home soon.

Coach Ra is pretty confident as she states, “defense wins ball games, and offense sells tickets.”

Every day is a new day, and every game is another chance. “We’re working hard and determined to win,” says freshman Brayden Kaminski.

The girls have an upcoming game on Monday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m. They hope that this is the game that turns the season around.

Captain Samantha Conner (middle) plans the team’s next move against Glen Allen on



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