IB tours tackle questions, provide student insight

by Urmi Pandya

The IB tours for prospective freshmen occurred on Monday, March 20.  Some of the IB sophomores, juniors, and seniors led the tours around campus for the eighth graders, while other IB students and Mrs. Biddle, the IB coordinator, stayed with the parents in the auditorium to answer any questions or concerns that they have about the IB Program at HHS.

The main purpose of the tours is to allow perspective freshmen to gain a feel of the campus and the school’s environment to help them make a decision about joining the program and the warrior family next year.

“In the past with the construction, students only saw certain classrooms. Now, it is more of a tour of the campus,” said Mrs. Biddle.

After the tours, the eighth graders were divided into small groups, which served to “discuss any preconceptions about the IB program at Henrico and to address any concerns about transitioning from middle to high school. Some students were in IB in middle school as well, but it is a little different in high school,” Mrs. Biddle commented.

The IB tours also serve as an opportunity for the current IB students to help the perspective freshmen by providing current student insight into a typical day in the IB program at HHS.

“I wanted to be a tour guide because I want to share my love of IB with potential students. When I was in eighth grade and I toured Henrico, I was intimidated by everything, so I wanted to prevent this from happening to the current eighth graders,” said sophomore Quinn Murphy.

Senior Simran Rathore helped answer parents’ questions about IB as a whole.

“I wanted to let parents know all about IB and the teachers helping their students. I wanted to let parents know all about our school,” Rathore said.

As of now, there have been a number of acceptances for next year.

“As a program, we are hopeful and optimistic with each incoming freshmen class.  This year is no different,” commented IB English 10 teacher, Mrs. Schools.


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