Warrior Ways to STYLE

Female Fashion Trends by: Muniza Siddiqui

Chokers: Along with the rest of the 90s fashion trends, chokers swooped their way into modern fashion. Chokers are now easy-to-wear and DIY-able; they are necessary for neck fashion with a casual look. Despite what type of choker one wears, they can basically pass with any outfit, and again, add a casual look to your outfit. Unlike necklaces, chokers are more prominent and easy to put on.

Converse: If there’s one shoe to wear for the rest of one’s life, it’s converse. Despite the brand not changing it’s shoe design for a while, it is still a fashionable choice for people to wear on their feet, mainly because of its simplicity. In fact, people wear these sneakers under their favorite fashion trends, including a silk slip dress over a T-shirt, zip turtlenecks with classy suits, and robe coats. Surprisingly, people can still pull the shoes off and look stylish at the same time!


Knee High Boots: Who doesn’t love knee high boots? You can walk into puddles with them without getting your feet wet, they keep legs warm [at times], and they work well with dresses while still looking cute! You can still wear these boots during the warmer seasons and still look trendy because the good things about knee high boots is that they aren’t too thick. They probably are not the best shoes to keep you warm, but at least they will keep you up to date since these boots have been a fashion trend for years and still are. Plus, fashion is what really matters, right?

Mom jeans: Unlike the rest of these trends, mom jeans were known as what not to wear; they were the complete opposite of fashionable. People wore them on a lazy day when they were not wearing sweatpants. However, just recently, they became a fashion trend depending on what one wears them with and how they wear them. It may be a challenge to get these high-waisted, straight-legged jeans to look good, but they do work really well with high heels, in a dark shade, with a jean jacket, and with tennis shoes. Soon, mom jeans will become more popular just with these simple additions.

Nude Matte Lipstick: Nude matte lipstick is the lipstick that works with everything and with every skin tone while looking casual also. Nude matte lipstick is especially helpful for flushed skin tones because it neutralizes the redness. It is basically the go-to lipstick when there is no other shade to match the outfit. It could also hide the naturally pink tint from the lips making them disappear into the rest of the face, which could be both a good and bad thing.

Parkas: Parkas made a comeback with the military trend, along with a few additions to the jacket to make it fashionable. Many people wonder what they can wear this jacket with, and the answer to those individuals is mainly to make sure the jacket is in the same color family as the rest of the outfit. It is best to not wear a fairly long dress with Parkas, and instead of pulling up the furry hood of the jacket, wearing a knitted hat would play along with the “sporty” look. “Dressy” fabrics like satin would work really well under the jacket.

Male Fashion Trends by: Joshua Bynum

Bomber jackets: A childhood favorite recreated. Many of our students have told me they wore oversized bombers as children. Bombers keep the wearer comfortable, warm, and fashionable. A bomber can spice up any look. You can simply style your bomber with a graphic tee, skinny jeans, and Skate Hi’s.

The streetwear brands Bape & Supreme: “BAPE! BAPE! BAPE! BAPE! BAPE!” – Keith Ape. When I say many of our students love these street wear brands it is not a joke. Our students love Bape’s signature shark design and Supreme’s minimalistic box logo. Like any other streetwear brands, the brands Bape & Supreme provide a comfortable yet refined look.  It’s seriously what all the “cool” kids are wearing!

Skate Hi’s: The skater look will never die, I swear. Although many of our students are not skaters they simply love the sporty look Vans Skate Hi’s provide. I believe this trend came to be because the shoe is so simplistic and can be paired with almost anything. I think the social media platform Tumblr also played a big part in the popularity in the Vans Skate Hi Shoe.

Yeezy 350 Boost: When a Fashion Icon releases a clothing/shoe line fashion fanatics and sneaker heads are sure to go rushing to the store to purchase. Kanye West is not only a musical genius but now an influential leader in the fashion industry with his innovative oversized monochromatic head to toe looks. West has gained a multitude of respect through the past 2 years on the creation of his Yeezy brand. Accompanying his phenomenal clothing were his shoes. Many students at our schools have been seen sporting the Yeezy 350 Boost, they say they are intrigued by how “lightweight” and “sleek” the shoe is.

Oversized/thrifted looks: Shopping for less will always be an ongoing trend. Our students love to get more bang for their buck therefore they shop at many second-hand shops/ thrift stores such as: Rumors Boutique, Blue Bones Vintage, Salvation Army and lets definitely not forget the champion: GOODWILL! For those who been to thrift shops we all know it’s rare that you actually find something that’s your size so that’s how oversized looks came to be. While looking fashionable and functional oversized looks provide an easy carefree comfortable look.

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All images taken by Joshua Bynum.

Joshua went around the school interviewing our fashionable Henrico students asking “What inspired your look today? Where do you shop?” Please view the captions to see their response:

Name/Grade What inspired your look today? Where do you shop?
1. Vidhi Baxi (9) “I felt fancy & the weather was a major factor. I shop at Hollister.”
2. Makari Chew (12) “The weather. I shop at Rumors Boutique & Topshop.”
3. Gillian Cohen (11) “It was warm. I mainly shop at American Eagle because that’s where I work.”
4. Mckenzie Page (11) “The weather, and trees inspired my look today, just the beautiful environment. I really love the color olive. I  mostly shop online.”
5. Liljerry Allen (11) “I’d say the weather, man. I shop online a lot.”
6. Jordan Harvey (10) “I don’t know it was hot so… I mainly shop at Forever 21 though.”
7. Vanessa McClendon (12) “I had an interview at Forever 21, so I wanted to look the part. I shop at H&M, Olive Ole, and Go Jane.”
8. Lorenzo Thoms (12) “I don’t even know yo. God! God inspired my look. I shop at H&M and Bape.” Lotrell Thoms (12) “Money, God, and Glory. I shop online and Forever 21.”
9. Maddie Lester (10) “Well, this skirt was on sale, and the weather was nice so why not. I shop at Rumors Boutique and American Apparel (sadly they’re going out of business but that’s how I got this deal.)”
10. Joseph Melton (10) “I was studying for my driver’s/ motorcyclist test today. But I mainly shop at vintage places, and places that sale unique watches and necklaces.”
11. Amina Coleman (10) “Free spirited uncontained creativity. I shop at the thrift store and online.”
12. Nikolaus Johnson (12) “It was going to be warm and I was running late. I shop at H&M, Forever 21, and Goodwill.”
13. Da’Naria Black (12) “Running Late. I shop at Forever 21, Rue 21, and Rumors Boutique.”
14. Diana S. (11) “Just Myself. I shop at Pac Sun a lot.” Ginger Barbour (11) “I wanted to tone it down since my birthday is coming up. I mainly shop at H&M and Urban Outfitters.”
15. Guyana Harris (12) “The weather & the 70’s. I shop at Forever 21 and makemechic.com.”
16. Tassos Karles (12) “The warm weather. I shop at Topman at Nordstrom and Need Supply.”
17. Amoni Holloway (12) “Drake and Me. I shop at OVO, Pacsun, H&M and Rumors.”
18. Kiera Jane Jones (12) “I was inspired by Nirvana Meets. I shop at Tove 10 and H&M.”
19. Ellas Moore (12) “Being warm. Yeah I shop online, Forever 21, bape.us (yeah my stuff not fake), and believe it or not Ebay.”
20. Kayla Roland (11) “Being warm. I shop at thrift shops, H&M, and Forever 21.”
21. Anthony Fraierson (12) “I don’t know; I just wake up. I shop at H&M.”
22. Jason Phan (10) “Umm a lot of style. You know, Michael Jackson. It’s my style.” (completely disregards second question)
23. Charity Bradby (10) “It’s cold and it rained this morning. I shop at thrift stores and shoe stores, I don’t know.”
24. Zedrian Burrell (12) “The weather and Lil Uzi. (smiles) I shop at H&M and American Eagle.”
25. Mollie DeiCas (10) “I don’t know; I like to wear weird things. I don’t shop, my mom just buys me things.”
26. Greta Myers (10) “My lack of money. I shop at Goodwill.”
27. Jayden Jones (10) “I live black. I shop at H&M and Nordstrom.”



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