Warrior Spotlight: Carlos Brown

By Josh Bynum
Photo of Carlos. Courtesy of Carlos Brown.

Carlos Brown is involved in many things at Henrico High School. First and foremost, he is Sophomore Class President and a member of Henrico’s Student Congress. He spends a lot of his time advocating for our students and making sure we are well represented. He is also a club member of the Model UN and Mock-Trial club.

Not only is Brown actively involved in clubs, but he also participates in sports such as soccer and golf. Additionally, he is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, but he doesn’t like to make a fuss about it. He is merely a member of the student body.

When asked what his dreams and hopes are for the future, Brown replied, “I want to leave a positive impact on the world and design solutions to our problems big and small. I want to continue speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves and keep an open mind.”

Photo courtesy of Carlos Brown.

In regards to his feelings towards Henrico High School, he said, “I hope that we learn the true meaning of unity, that we have spirit on days other than pep rallies, that we take our school community seriously instead of obsessing over test scores. I hope that our school keeps moving forward and that the world will realize how unique we are.”


Brown not only cares about the betterment of Henrico High School, but he also wants to help the world. He volunteers a lot in his community.  He is a Regional Teen Officer for Jack and Jill of America where he helps their chapters and region raise money for the foundation.

In his free time, he said, “I listen to music, work on my sketches, read, and watch Netflix.”

Something you probably didn’t know about Brown is that he is a freelance graphic designer, and he is currently working on a brand called The Collective.

He is obsessed with minimalism, dogs, and modern architecture.

Brown is well respected throughout the sophomore class and on the campus of HHS.

“Carlos is funny, hardworking, and a well spirited person” said sophomores Sophie Willis and Rayn Robinson.

Carlos Brown is only a sophomore and he is doing so much to improve the earth for future generations. Having said all that he has done, just imagine how successful he will be by time he reaches his senior year.

“My faith and my family come first and those two things motivate me to succeed every day,” Brown concluded.


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