RED for Education: A Movement for All

By Shriya Tripathi
The English 10 team represent their support for education. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Schools.

For students in the United States, education is a right; however, it seems that with the election of a new president, the education system is in a precarious position. After President Donald Trump announced his new bid for the Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, thousands of teachers across the United States began to protest the nominee.

Devos is in favor of charter schools, institutions much like parochial schools. Many teachers took offense at Devos’s education regulations, such as repealing Common Core, encouraging kids to go to charter schools (and further, allowing children from charter schools to go to public schools of their choice), and changing public education as we know it.

Teachers around the country have started sporting the color red in opposition to Devos. Thus, RED for Education was started.

Ms. Gay, Mrs. Schools and Mrs. Biddle pose for a quick picture during lunch. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Schools.

The point remains to be seen whether education itself will change under the new administration, but most educators will agree that they will continue to fight for what is right and best for their students.


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