My heart burns for you with the fire of a thousand suns: The Bad-Boy Vampire and Me, A Love Story

By Saranya Kasinathuni

The first performance of “The Bad-Boy Vampire and Me: A Love Story” took place last year, when juniors (now seniors) Anna Woodward, Grace Cavanaugh, and Zach Long, delivered performances in a one-act play that was as hilarious as the title. With plotlines that included an internet book coming to life, a cult gathering, and exaggerated fan fiction chapters, the play was a hit amongst students.

On February 3, 2017, Woodward, Cavanaugh, and Long returned to the stage to perform their hit play once more, with a much larger ensemble cast that featured Caleb Long as Cletus Whifflebottom, the best friend of Cavanaugh’s character, Mary-Sue, Woodward as the Book, and Zach Long as Jasper, Mary-Sue’s love interest and the protagonist of her outlandish fan fiction fantasies. The entire one-act lasted 25 minutes, with each scene more interesting and entertaining than the last.

Many were concerned that the edited play would not be as entertaining as the original, but were pleasantly surprised. Junior Aarthee Baskaran stated, “My expectations were that this was just like every other play I’ve watched. I wasn’t that excited but I was definitely wrong. It incorporates such a unique idea but something that I can relate to completely.”

Others found that the play exceeded their expectations. Junior Romi Balasubramanium commented, “The play was awesome! Although I have seen the play before I was still super excited! Generally, when watching a play by high school students, you would expect it to be awkward and slippery but this play exceeded my expectations once again.” Balasubramanium also stated that the most entertaining scene was the battle between the Book and Mary-Sue, stating, “It’s definitely not the ending you were expecting!”

But, beneath the funny dialogue lies a message that the original playwrights wanted to preach to the students: Be careful what you put online. Woodward, Cavanaugh, and Long managed to discuss this message in the most humorous, entertaining manner possible, while raising an important message to teens who use social media and other forms of online connections to be careful about what they post or write online.

“I thought the show went well. We had a bigger turnout than we thought we would, but we had a lot of fun doing the show,” Cavanaugh commented. “The cast was fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for better.”

The Bad-Boy Vampire and Me is a hilarious one-act that promises to make its audience laugh, smile, and ultimately, think.



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