Henrico Wrestling

By Matt Vozar

The Warrior Wrestling season ended earlier in January, but the wrestling season is a little bit different. There are multiple wrestling matches during the season among specific schools, but the district, regional, conference and state championship matches are completely individual. Wrestlers from all schools travel to certain schools and are put in brackets based on their prior seeding, and then the top five finalists travel to the next stage of the tournament.

The top six finalists from the district championships stand on the podium at Freeman High School. Photo taken by Matt Vozar.

Several Warrior wrestlers had impressive seasons, but none better than James Newsome. He is pictured, standing on the second place stand at district championships. James currently has a season record of 38-2, and will represent Henrico this weekend in the regional championships.

“Once you get to this level, the sport becomes individual. With that in mind, it’s just about having the self-motivation to continue to grind”, James Commented. “ For me, wrestling is how I’ll be able to pay for college, so it’s literally more than just a game.”


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