FHP Movie Night

By Olivia Booth
FHP Article Picture.jpg
FHP Picture: Members of FHP gather to watch a movie. Photo taken by Olivia Booth.

On Thursday, January 26th from 4-6 pm, the Future Health Professionals club (FHP) held a movie night for all members in Mrs. Lorello’s classroom. FHP has over 100 members, 15 of which showed up to watch the movie, Lorenzo’s Oil.

Lorenzo’s Oil is a 1992 Drama directed by George Miller. This impassioned film is based off of the true story of Augusto, Michaela and Lorenzo Odone. Lorenzo was a child who had a rare disease, which many doctors deemed incurable; however, the remedy was eventually unearthed by an elderly chemist, Don Suddaby.

The Vice President of FHP, Pratyusha Chaluvadi, spoke of why this film was chosen.

“We wanted something that was related to a disease because we wanted to donate to a foundation. The disease that this movie is about has a foundation, so we thought it would be cool to watch a movie related to the disease before we collected donations.”


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