Snow Day Consequences: Exam Cancellations

Olivia Booth

From January 9th to 11th, students enjoyed a post-break break due to a storm which accumulated about 11 inches of snow. There are many advantages for students on a snow break. Besides three days of sledding, snowballs, and snowmen, the inclement weather meant the cancellation of semester exams.

There are two main schools of thought on the cancellation of exam week: one is of the teachers, and one of the parents.

Many teachers wanted the three lost days of instructional time to be recovered in place of exam week. Those who teach SOL classes are gearing their students up for state-mandatory exams; In this way, there is a strict curriculum to follow and a body of knowledge that each student is expected to understand come May. It is for this reason that many teachers were for the cancellation of semester exams.

However, some parents were angered by the decision. Kristen Jakobsen Osenga, a mother of HCPS students is one of these parents. On Facebook, Osenga commented, “I’m incredibly disappointed in these decisions. While HCPS may have gained an extra few days to cram data into my daughters’ heads, my children have lost the chance to gain an even more important education & life skill – EXAM PREP AND EXAM TAKING. My kids would benefit a thousand times more from learning to succeed at exams than they ever will in a few extra hours of classroom instruction.”

Nonetheless, exams have been cancelled much to the delight of the students; however, these exams can be taken if one chooses to.  Instead of using a week to take exams, now students can spend more time preparing for the exams that matter the most at the end of the year.




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