Warrior students and staff to shine on stage

Urmi Pandya

The Henrico High School annual talent show is coming up very soon: Friday, December 16th during 6th period! It is organized by junior class president, Ginger Barbour, and other class officers and sponsors.  The MCs are juniors Khiarra Johnston and Jonathan Henderson. Some participants are Treshawn Aikens, Zedrian, Antoine Broker, Kayler Miller, Michaela Brayboy, Natalie Christianson, Dexter, Dequan, Brian, Benjamin, Jiana Hurt, Talia Hurt, Tamiya Thompson, Amari Jones, Amalia Kondeti, Hannah Mayer, Mackenzie Paige, Zavion Thompson, Tiana Wilson, Drew Atkins, Danna Jaber, and Aishu Sukumaran.

Last year, members of the Henrico faculty took part in an intermission “show”.  Some of those same teachers and staff members are planning something for this year as well.

“It was terrifying to get up in front of everyone and dance, but it ultimately was a lot of fun” commented Mrs. Kinney.  Mrs. Kinney is not sure if she will be a part of this year’s talent show, yet!

Tickets are $5 and will be sold during all lunches starting on the 14th and ending on the 16th during A lunch. All proceeds will go to fundraising for Prom 2017.




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