Warrior Spotlight: Danielle Britt

Olivia Booth
Danielle Britt poses for a photo. Photo courtesy of Danielle Britt.

“Are you happy with yourself? Yes.” These are the lyrics of “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce, a song which shares Danielle Britt’s primary aspiration in life: to be happy.

As a senior class officer, a cheerleader, and a member of Student Congress, SODA, NHS, BETA, the School Counseling Advisory Board, DECA, and FBLA, Danielle Britt is an active, accomplished, and ambitious Henrico High student.

Aside from being happy, Danielle has many other dreams and aspirations. Of these include becoming a doctor.

“I want to focus on neonatal or special needs, but when I’m being indecisive, I want to do cancer research. I will literally be satisfied with life if I become a doctor and get my own practice. Other than that I just want a Mercedes G-Wagon, Travis Kelce as my husband, and a bomb house.”

With many notable inspirations, Britt had a difficult time settling on her foremost role model.

“This is a tough choice between my mom and Rihanna. Can I choose both? My mom is just such a great, selfless, god fearing woman. I just wish I could have her poise. We’ve been through it all, but she never gave up even when the rest of us (my family) were tired and just wanted to settle. I just love Rihanna’s style, her confidence, just her everything. She is my life goals. (just missing the fact that I can’t sing and I want to be a doctor) I just really want to be her and dress like her. This is starting to sound like an obsession.”

When asked of others whom she appreciated the work of, Danielle answered, “Sometimes I like Lana Del Rey and Adele, sometimes I like 21 Savage, Shy Glizzy, NBA Young Boy, then I’m right back to Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jhene Aiko. My favorite writer/poet/greatness is Rupi Kaur.”

As with many accomplished people, Britt struggled to get where she is today.

“In eighth grade, due to some unfortunate circumstances in my life, I missed a lot of school. This led me to be a sort of outcast which I was not used to, but from this I learned how great it is to be an individual and not thrive to seek acceptance. Life becomes so much easier when you’re only trying to be yourself. I learned that it was more than okay to be alone sometimes and honestly how to love myself more.”


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