Toys for Tots

Olivia Booth
Marines collecting toys.

For those who celebrate Christmas, this is a time of love, of family, and of gift giving and receiving. Amidst all of this joy, it’s essential to remember that not everyone celebrates the same. While many wake up Christmas morning to find presents under a tree, some do not have that same.

This is what the organization, Toys for Tots, aims to correct. Their mission statement declares that they provide “a tangible sign of hope to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas” by donating new toys to children who so often have to go without.

For three years now, Henrico High School has participated in this program. The Marines handle the collection and then bring the toys to HHS where students and teachers distribute them to parents in the area.

Mrs. Wyatt, an Instructional Assistant for Exceptional Ed spoke of her own mission under the banner of Toys for Tots. “My church has been doing Toys for Tots for a few years. We decided to join with Henrico High School to be able to get our students here involved and also serve any parents that may have needed help here.”

According to Wyatt, “many parents work to make sure their families have the basic needs, and sometimes extra items like toys are not a priority and get left out of many homes’ budgets.  When a family is trying to pay rent and buy food, toys are not something that they can get”.

To many people, Christmas exists as a symbol greater than that of fir trees and fairy lights. It is the time to help and care for others, which is what the organization Toys for Tots is championing at Henrico High.



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