Induction Ceremony Frenzy- Peanut Butter and All

Muniza Siddiqui

National Honor Society and Beta Club are doing a joint induction ceremony on Thursday, December 15th, 2016 at 4:30 pm in the school’s auditorium.

Picture taken from last year’s swearing-in ceremony.

Mr. Lyndaker, the National Honor Society sponsor, stated, “The induction will be brief, it will include some remarks from our officers, announcement of names and a brief candle ceremony.”

The Beta Club ceremony will take place immediately after National Honor Society’s ceremony, and members will be walking on stage to accept their certificates. Parents and guardians are invited to attend the ceremony and even bring a dish to the potluck reception, which will follow the ceremony.

Both of these clubs are strong advocates for community service: members must fulfill a certain amount of service hours and the clubs provide service options available to all. In fact, Beta Club is doing an outreach activity to collect peanut butter for the Central Virginia Food Bank because peanut butter is listed as one of their top-demand items. Members are encouraged to bring in a jar of peanut butter to the ceremony for collection.


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