Henrico High School’s Drama Club performs William Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Sidhant Jha

The Henrico High School Drama Club performed William Shakespeare’s 1606 Macbeth three times between December 8th-December 10.  The cast of 35 students, under the director Mrs. Nicole Engel, performed in the show which lasted 2.5 hours with a small intermission. The Drama Club’s version of the play combines elements from post-apocalyptic themes with the original plot of the play. This intrigued many of the audience members, who came here to see how the Henrico Drama Club could pull it off.

Members of the Drama Club perform William Shakespeare’s Macbeth this past weekend. Photo by Mr. Allred.

“I’m excited to see all of the talent the Drama Club wants to share with us,” said sophomore Jay Asawla.  

Other audience members came to see their friends or family perform. “Caleb Long,” said sophomore Maneesh Nadipelli, “always puts on a stellar show and never fails to disappoint.”

Behind the curtain, the actors themselves were determined and confident, albeit a bit nervous. They spent time working on this program and were prepared to put on a memorable show for the audience.

“Before performing on the first day, there was a lot of nervous energy and not a whole lot of knowing what to do when you were offstage. A lot of people tried running their lines back stage and cramming in everything they could, I mostly prepared to make sure I did my best to make the show look good and to not drop the ball. Nevertheless, I felt pretty confident the first night; this was a show we’ve been working on for a long time. I was nervous, but that nervous energy actually makes the show look more alive actually,” said sophomore Caleb Long.  

After the second show, the actors were determined to finish headstrong, despite being tired.

“After the second show, most of us were ready to be done with the entire thing. The second show usually goes the best, since the mistakes are brushed off and there is still an element of excitement. By the time the second show is over, I felt that most of the actors felt accomplished and didn’t really want to do the third show. I know I was pretty tired by then and wasn’t too excited to do another show. Still, there were some things to fix and we still had one more show to be ready for. It isn’t until after the second show that I feel that I have accomplished during the performance,” commented Long.  

The actor trudged through the third show and finished off with a sigh of relief. “There was a slight lack of energy and motivation at that point, but I’m hopeful that it wasn’t that noticeable… I believe we had a nice, clean performance to go out on,” Long said.

However, some audience members, especially those who viewed the third show, had different opinions.

“It could have been better,” said Nadipell at the end of the performance.  “It was a stellar performance no doubt, and I really liked the acting of Caleb, Zach, and Genie Altran. I still believe that it lacked some motivation and passion, though. It may be due to acting three times, but it still could have been better.”

At the same time, other audience members enjoyed the play and the talent brought forth by the Henrico Drama Club.

“It wasn’t that there was no energy. You have to understand that they did this for three days straight. I commemorate them on the fact that they were able to keep this up. By far, this is one of the best school plays I’ve seen. They definitely need to keep this up,” said freshman Surya Venkatraman.

“MacBeth went great.  We had a terrific cast and all of the actors performed wonderfully for a play that was set in 11th century Scotland and transformed into a post apocalyptic mad max type setting!  We had fun as a cast and crew and we are sad it’s over.  As a director, I am so proud of everyone involved!”, said Mrs. Engel.  

The Drama Club plans to continue putting on more plays.  Their next performance will be in February.  


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