Warrior Spotlight: Josh Bynum

Muniza Siddiqui
This month’s Warrior Spotlight is CFA senior, Josh Bynum (pictured above). Photo courtesy of Josh Bynum.

Josh Bynum participates in many activities and programs at Henrico in which he assumes leadership roles: he is the manager for Pure Elegance (the dance team), one of the two historians for Art Club, the Arts/Lifestyle reporter for Henrico Free Press, and President of Yearbook Club. Josh and his mother moved to Petersburg, Virginia over the summer, but fortunately for him (and for the many clubs he contributes to), the school board let him finish his senior year at Henrico.

When asked about his dreams and hopes for the future, he responded, “just to be a successful human being. I don’t want to limit myself. And by being a successful human being I don’t mean by societies standards. I just want to reach my full potential in all fields of creativity. In my endeavors to become successful, I plan on using any and every art form possible to get me there.”

It seems he already has, as he has worked with small fashion brands, like ZUU STUDIO, as a seasonal intern, and has also interned at Dream for Purpose. He recently received an internship at THE BAKERY, which is a platform for creative individuals; the website is currently unavailable, but will publish on New Years. Additionally, he hosts a bi-monthly blog series called “#FAVFRIDAYS” where he interviews local recording artists. The public may view his work at (www.joshenchy.com).

Though Josh has accomplished so much, he is also passionate about achieving a meaning behind everything he does. His aesthetic and work are all a part of his upbringing and, furthermore, are visual/verbal extensions of his values.

For example, Bynum is a huge advocate for equality. “I am all for equality,” Josh says. “#BLACKLIVESMATTER #ALLLIVESMATTER I’ll say both I don’t want to seem biased. I believe woman and man should be equal #FEMINIST, I don’t like using that word though; I call myself an ‘equalist’.”

Moreover, Josh and his friend, Brandon, are strong advocates for the rights of teenagers to express themselves without the interference of parents or other adults, which is why they created the event THRIVE RVA. They are currently accepting submissions until December 17, 2016, so he encourages all Henrico High School students who are enthusiastic about creativity to check out this link for more information: www.joshenchy.com/thrive.

“I just want to say thanks for this opportunity I truly appreciate it. I low-key feel honored/flattered.” – Josh Bynum


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