Field Hockey Ends Season with Hope

Yash Kandula

The 2016 field hockey season comes to an end with both hope and despair. As this is senior Anna Woodward’s last season, the team is at a great disadvantage for the next season.

“We had a great season with both of our teams. The girls did a wonderful job this season especially my JV team. The varsity had seven games, they lost by one goal and the JV team played hard fault games this season with a team of new girls with a few returning from the year before. I was proud of my girls’ dedication and commitment. The future is for the Lady Warriors Field Hockey team,” said coach Ty about the overall season.

Although the varsity didn’t win as many games as they had anticipated, it was still the journey of a lifetime.

Starting fresh with a majority of their past team members graduating was a substantial obstacle to tackle. Nonetheless, they formed a wonderful team.

Even when losing games, they never doubted their ability as a team and as individuals. Rather, they used it as an opportunity for reflection and improvement.

On the other hand, J.V. did a better job than any previous J.V. team. They broke the records with four goals this year and winning a couple games!

Ending with positivity, the Lady Warriors are hopeful for next season.


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