Favorite Tunes of 2016

Urmi Pandya

Music Article Pic (1).JPG2016 has been filled with the releases of widely successful albums ranging from country to hip-hop to alternative rock. These albums have served to console us, motivate us, or simply entertain us.
Talayiah Boldin, a freshman, says Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande is her favorite album, and “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes is her favorite song. “They help you get through what you’re going through at any time of your life,” she comments on the songs by these two famous pop artists.
Rafee Ahmed, a senior, agrees, saying that his favorite song is “Treat You Better” as well. “It’s a great song to listen to when I’m driving,” he says.
Joey Bouzek, a senior, appreciates “Knew Better / Forever Boy” from the album Dangerous Woman by Grande as well.
Several other students show their appreciation for Grande’s album.
“Made me cry. That’s all,” says Bella-Sky Batty, a senior.
Another popular album among the student body is Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco.
“I like the overall sound,” adds Senior Grace Cavanaugh.
Several other students praised the entertainment factor in their favorite music from the year as well.
Khaliyd Fuller, a sophomore, enjoys the songs “Sneakin’” by Drake, “Gassed Up” by Nebu Kiniza, and “Skateboard P” by Madeintyo.
“They are super lit,” he comments.
Another chart-topping album released in 2016 that has been popular among the students is Lemonade by Beyoncé.
“It means a lot to me,” says Kerensa Lilly, a senior.
This is Acting by Sia has received appreciation as well.
“The songs are real and can easily be related to real life,” comments Aashi Agarwala, a junior.
While these commercially successful albums have been popular among the students, there have been some less widely known albums that are appreciated as well.
Zach Long, a senior, says that his favorite album is How to be a Human Being by Glass Animals, an indie rock band. His favorite song from the year also comes from that album: “Pork Soda.”
Senior Nikolaus Johnson, appreciates For All We Know by NAO, a British electronic singer.
“It is the best thing I’ve ever heard. It’s so funky and hip and cool, and I think everyone should listen to her.”
Senior, Camille Varner, praises 131 by Emarosa. “131 is my favorite album of 2016 because it’s packed with pure emotion and talent. Bradley Walden’s strong and passionate vocals truly grip the listener.”
Henrico High School students all enjoy different styles of music. This diversity forms an integral part of our school community: we are able to understand and appreciate our peers’ thinking and interests, one of which is our beloved music of 2016.



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