Cross Country team finishes season for each other

Matt Vozar

The Cross Country team, despite losing much of the squad, still pushed through and finished the season strong. Cross country is an extremely tiring and physically demanding sport; the members of the team run upwards of 5-10 miles per day around the track, school, and surrounding areas. They go through serious training in the summer and pour their hearts out in every race.

Three members quit about halfway through the season, and one was forced to stop running because of an injury. This was senior leader, and fastest member of the team, Malik Wyatt. He had an asthma attack during one of the races, and could not continue to run after the incident. The team’s motto for the rest of the year was “Do it for Leek,” and the team ran the rest of the season in Malik’s honor. Senior Nicholas Christensen said, “Losing him was a big deal. He was the heartbeat of the team; he kept us going when practice got tough, and always represented at our races. We had to do it for him after he went down.”

The team looks forward to a new season.


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