CFA Fall Showcase- A Smashing Success

Linh Dao
CFA students dancing on stage. Photo taken by Linh Dao.

This year’s Center for the Arts annual showcase took place this past weekend on November 18th and 19th.  In this event, our most talented CFA students showed off their art pieces in the gallery or performed scenes or dances in the auditorium. The showcase is always a popular one, but this year saw a huge turn-out with long lines to get into both the Gallery and the Auditorium.

According to CFA director Dr. Poxon, “the Fall Showcase is always my favorite!  It is so exciting to have all four CFA disciplines (visual arts, dance, musical theatre and theatre) unite and join forces for one show.  It gives our audience a “taste” of each discipline, and gives our students an appreciation for the other areas and just how hard each discipline works to perfect their craft.”

Senior Morgan Brette, a Level IV student with a concentration in visual arts, spoke about the process of setting up for the showcase. “It went well. The hanging was a bit hectic as always, but the art was well-made. Lots of personality went into it.”

Senior Josh Bynum, said “Visual Arts Showcase was so extravagant. I got to meet a lot of people and promote myself. A lot of people complimented my piece ‘Human Metamorphosis’ and it made me feel exuberant.”

According to Dr. Poxon, many of the art pieces are still hanging in the gallery and teachers can feel free to bring their students by to look at the amazing artwork.

Before the performing arts part of the evening began, Dr. Poxon, Principal Mrs. Castillo-Rose, and CFA teacher, Mr. Ritter, spoke to the audience and welcomed everyone to the show.

In keeping with the excitement of the night, Mr. Ritter allowed the audience to pick which Romeo and Juliet-based play the drama kids would perform via a survey.

Dr. Seuss met Romeo and Juliet in the play directed by Victoria Goss and performed by Theatre Level I on Friday night. The other option was a silent, Charlie Chaplin style film directed by Mr. Ritter.

Theatre Level III showed a comical, sarcastic short film called “Keeping up with the Capulets,” which is based off of the popular reality TV show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”  It was directed by Junior Khiarra Johnston with videography by Odyssey Media Productions. The other option was “Silhouette,” a recreation of the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony scene, directed by Seniors Sofia Malin and Alyssa Shuster, and Juniors Kendall Bruffy and Gabby Rooney.

Theatre Level II had two options for their Shakespearean skit: “Law and Order”, based on the TV show, or “Melodrama”, based off of the Victorian Melodrama style. Both were directed by the cast, and teachers Mrs. Moody and Mrs. Goss.

Finally, for Theatre Level IV, the audience had the choice between “Asian Theatre,” an interpretation based on the styles Japanese Noh, Kabuki, and Western theatre, which was directed by Mr. Ritter and Mariea Terrell. The alternative was “Elizabethan”- a traditional take on the classic play directed by Victoria Goss.

Dance I did an upbeat and retro dance called “Ragtime,” which was choreographed by Jennifer Lent.

Dance III performed an emotional dance called “equilibrium” choreographed by Theresa Niermeyer, which according to Senior Maria Habibi, “had me shook”.

“Anx-i-e-ty” was the title of the performance by Dance Level IV, which was choreographed by Ronnique Murray, while Dance Level II performed “Get Down,” which was choreographed by Theresa Niermeyer.

The different levels of Musical Theatre did performances from all walks of plays.

The night featured a performance by Musical Theatre I students, “Brand New Day” from The Wiz, in which they wore colorful t-shirts and seemed to have a lot of fun.  The performance was choreographed by Mrs. Moody.

Musical Theatre III performed “When I Grow Up” from Matilda, which was choreographed by Mr. Day and Jennifer Lent.

Musical Theatre II performed “Beehive Dance” from Beehive the 60’s Musical. The retro performance was choreographed by Billy Dye and Jennifer Lent.

Musical Theatre Level IV performed “Greased Lightning” from Grease, clad in the traditional pink or black leather jackets. This performance was choreographed by the cast and Mrs. Moody and it featured Nick Poxon and Gavin Shuster.

To close the night, dance, musical theatre, and theatre students from all levels performed “1999” by the late Prince.

Josh Bynum, though concentrated in visual arts, gave a rave review of the performing arts section. “Performing arts showcase was freaking spectacular. I give props to all the amazing theatre, musical theatre, and dance students. They did that!”

Counselor Mrs. Terry commented that she “loves the CFA Fall Showcase every year!  My kids and I are on our toes the entire show anticipating the excitement and talent that is displayed in each piece!”

Dr. Poxon is very proud of all who participated in the CFA Fall Showcase. “On behalf of the faculty and staff of Center for the Arts, we would like to congratulate our CFA visual and performing arts students for their successful 2016 Fall Showcase gallery and performances this past Friday and Saturday nights!  We are so proud of our students for sharing their time, talents and passion with their families, friends, and the entire CFA and HHS communities.  Congratulations again to our fabulous CFA students, and we look forward to our spring showcases!”

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CFA Showcases in 2017:

March 24-25- Theatre Spring Showcase @ 7:30 p.m. HHS Auditorium

March 31-April 1- Dance Spring Showcase @ 7:30 p.m. in HHS Auditorium

April 21-22- Musical Theatre Spring Showcase @ 7:30 p.m. in HHS Auditorium

April 22- Visual Arts Spring Showcase @ 5:00-7:00 p.m. CFA Jeff Hall Gallery

May 12- Senior Theatre Showcase @ 7:30 p.m. in CFA Black Box Theatre

May 19- Senior Musical Theatre Showcase @ 7:30 p.m. in HHS Auditorium

May 26- Senior Visual Art Showcase 7:00 p.m. Art Works (320 Hull Street)

June 2- Senior Dance Showcase: 7:30 p.m. @ Grace Street Theatre, VCU


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