Super FAFSA Project

Journey Entzminger
Courtesy of Ms. Johnson

On Saturday, October 29, the Henrico High School Counseling team hosted the Super FAFSA project. According to Ms. Johnson, the counselor who coordinated the event, “Henrico High School was invited by the State Council for Higher Education for Virginia based on specific qualifications related to the total percent of students receiving free or reduced lunch”.

The project assisted 16 families with the completion of the FAFSA application. FAFSA (The Free Application for Federal Student Aid), is a form for all students interested in receiving financial aid in college.  Many students consider the FAFSA to be a daunting task, but the Super FAFSA project aims to ease these worries and misconceptions surrounding the process.

Four volunteers came to share their expertise with the families: Mr. David Curtis from University of Richmond’s Financial Aid Office, Ms. Paula Buckley, Ms. Michelle McQueen and Ms. Leeann Neely of GRASP were present.



Simran Rathore, a senior in the International Baccalaureate Program had this to say about her experience, “My experience was great. My parents and I got to ask a lot of questions, questions we were unsure about on the FAFSA. For the most part, your parents have to fill [FAFSA] out because they know their income and stuff. But for the other parts, the people help you go to the IRS site and then finalize your FAFSA and stuff… But yeah, the event was helpful.”

Even if you missed the event, Ms. Johnson has some tips for those who need financial aid: 1. Apply now, 2. If you have questions, ask Ms. Neely- our GRASP representative, 3. Even if you think you don’t qualify, apply.

Furthermore, Week 11/14-11/18 is Virginia College Application Week, which is another initiative aiming to promote the completion of applications. During this week, select colleges/universities are allowing students to apply for free. A full list of schools participating can be found here (

The college application process is an arduous one, but events like these provide the support students require to make it through.




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