The Future Looks Bright for the Golf Team

Matt Vozar

The golf team finished the season with high expectations for next season.  Over the course of this season, there was tremendous growth and maturity in all of the players which they give credit to the pro at Belmont Country Club, Sean Minogue.

They were given lessons on putting, chipping, and course management which took their games to new heights.  The various tips they received during the lessons helped them individually, but also as a group; the team score decreased by a fair number of strokes from the beginning compared to end of the season.

The biggest challenge as a team was the low number of players.  They faced quite a few difficult opponents, and with so few players on the team, it was difficult to compete. In the end, though, it was bonds that were formed and the team work that happened that counted most of the boys.

“This season was quite the learning experience. As, a team we worked together starting in August and through September and practiced 18 holes on Mondays and did short game practice on Tuesdays. We also had multiple matches a week. I really enjoyed working with my teammates and the Golf-Pros at Belmont. We played some rough matches, but I am very proud of how far we’ve come. Most of the team is graduating, so I am excited for a fresh start with new players” commented sophomore Carlos Brown.


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