Schoology: The Good and the Bad

Urmi Pandya

schoology_logo_blackIt has been a month since Henrico High School students were introduced to a new program that is now being used school wide.  Schoology has some new elements that have never been seen before on previous programs such as Google Classroom and Schoolspace.  Schoology has a grades option for teachers, an option for groups as well as a calendar page.

“Schoology is really efficient and I appreciate the calendar function,” says Valerie Young, a senior.

“From what I have experienced, Schoology is much more user-friendly than SchoolSpace. The interface is cleaner and getting help is easy,” agrees history teacher Mr. Rigler.

On the other hand, “Schoology would be more helpful and less frustrating if all teachers updated due dates on the Schoology calendar instead of having separate Google calendars, syllabi, and links to their agendas,” comments senior, Rabia Husain.

The program also features an option for text message notifications, which some teachers have students set up, so they can receive reminders to places they check regularly – the phone for most students.

However, some students have noticed various issues with the program.  Many people are not receiving the text message notifications and when they do, the message is vague, consisting of a simple notification saying that an update has been posted. Students cannot view which teacher has posted the update or the content of the update.

“Schoology is the poor man’s SchoolSpace,” criticizes L.Z., a senior.

Junior Gabi Rooney also commented that “I think the concept is good, but the execution of it seems buggy and slow.  I don’t think it works as well as secure testing in Schoolspace worked.”

Despite some controversy, many students do not have much of an opinion as they believe Schoology serves its purpose.

“It’s ok I guess, because you can see if you have a test or homework, you can download powerpoints, and you can the school schedule in case we have half-days” junior Isaish Rollins commented.

Though our school has transitioned from many different programs, it looks as though this one is going to last for a while.  Love it or loathe it, Schoology has become another new staple in our academic lives.

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