Saluting Syrians

Olivia Booth

In late May of 2016, two students from Henrico High School, seniors Linh Dao and Urmi Pandya were recognized by Student 21 (a showcase which awards student projects skilled in the field of technology) for a video they had made regarding the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

According to Urmi, “[the video] stemmed from a simple requirement to have a personal/partner project for Tri-M Honor Society. Mr. Day suggested Student21, which honestly, we had never heard about.”

With guidance from Mr. Marshall, the ITRT last year, Urmi and Linh created the video, which is, Urmi states, “a compilation of clips and original filming, with narration in the background. The narration is one, big story that has bits and pieces from existing stories written by the refugees”. Since the project was for Music Honor Society, Urmi’s piano-playing can be heard throughout the majority of the video.

This impassioned film is centered around a mother who –with much torment – has to watch her husband and children struggle through migration and residencies at several different camps. In spite of this, her story ends on a hopeful note as the speaker gains citizenship in the U.K.

However, Linh and Urmi wanted to emphasize that not all stories end like hers. “The video finishes with images and statistics, showing that most have sad endings instead”, notes Urmi, “and we can help create happier endings for people there.”


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