Mandatory Reading Block Becomes Study Hall

Olivia Booth
Senior, Anish Bacchu enjoying a book in the library. Photo taken by Dahsom Choi.
Senior, Anish Bacchu enjoying a book in the library. Photo taken by Dahsom Choi.

Warrior Time was embedded in the schedule of all students in the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. As a designated reading time, students were encouraged to read for enjoyment. Since then, it has evolved into a period in which students can do homework, be tutored or read —a study hall of sorts.

Of Principal Mrs. Castillo-Rose’s many goals for this school year, foremost was to “Incorporate literacy throughout the curriculum. Everyone will be reading in every class.” Because she was so adamant about everyone reading -teachers and students-, it came as a big surprise when she loosened the reins by allowing students to use their computers and work on homework during the block.

Many students disliked the forced reading at the start of the year. Devinasia Brown, a senior, said, “I didn’t like it. They can’t make someone read if they don’t want to read.”  Junior Dexter Smith believes that “it’s just one more thing for everyone to worry about.  I’d rather just go to my next class.”

Some students, however, enjoyed the time to read during the school day. Pratyusha Chaluvadi, a senior, stated that, “I like that it’s a study hall now, but at the same time, I liked that reading time was in our schedule because I never get the chance to read for pleasure.”

Mrs. Ellis, a school librarian, says, “I see so many students reading and asking for books. It’s really exciting to see so many students engaged in reading.”

As far as the competition goes, Henrico High School is currently in 2nd for the number of books read and 3rd for the number of pages read. In addition to the school-wide prizes (the highest level being Mrs. Castillo-Rose cutting her hair), the student who logs the most books and pages per quarter will be rewarded in some way.

Whether we utilize Warrior Time for reading or for completing assignments, we should continue to take advantage of the time given and do the best with what we have.

Mrs. Castillo-Rose’s Favorite Books: The Kite Runner, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Autobiography of Malcolm X and The Pearl

Mrs. Ellis’ Favorite Book: The Wind in the Willows

Click on the link below for a list of favorite young adult books:


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