Homecoming: Who Are You Wearing?

Journey Entzminger
Joan Rivers, fashion legend and coiner of the phrase, “Who are you wearing?”

On Saturday October 1st, 2016, Henrico held its annual homecoming dance. This year’s theme: red carpet. The attendees of this dance truly lived up to the “Hollywood” expectations, and wowed with stunning homecoming looks. The dazzling attires left people wondering the age old question: Who are you wearing?

Although Henrico’s students may not have been wearing the Chanel or Givenchy gowns seen on Hollywood’s red carpets, there were looks seen at homecoming to rival even the finest Oscar apparel. When asked where students found their homecoming outfits, they had this to say:

“I made my dress for the personal project.” – Quinn Murphy

“My mom bought this and I was like, ‘this is cute.’” – sophomore, Kamilah Burleigh, unknown dress origin

Students were also able to find dresses at Windsor, Love Culture and Asos.

Chayenne, Deshayla, Maya.jpg
Seniors (pictured left to right) Chayenne Brown, Deshayla Lewis, and Mya George pose for a picture. Photo taken by Linh Dao.
Ashley, Takira, Talia, Journey.jpg
Seniors (pictured left to right) Ashley Roundtree, Kira Bazemore, Lia Bazemore and Journey Entzminger share a laugh as they pose for a picture. Photo taken by Linh Dao.
Attendees milling around during the dance.

For those looking for style inspirations, this year’s hottest homecoming trends include: neutral colored dresses—a simple black dress is a hoco must have, head chains and block heels.

Ultimately, the Warriors proved once again; we do it best. Answering definitively, who you should be wearing if you want to look great at homecoming.




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