Field Hockey looks to end season on high note

Yash Kandula
Junior Grace Mayer hits the ball away from a Varina opponent

Coached by Coach Ty and Coach Anne and captained by senior Anna Woodward, juniors Grace Mayer and Aarthee Baskaran, and sophomore Zaria Johnson, this season has had many ups and downs for the Lady Warrior Field Hockey team.

Due to six seniors on the team graduating last year and only leaving one senior this year, it has been tough for the girls to adjust to their new team.

Senior Anna Woodward said that, “I’ve played varsity since 10th grade, so it’s different for me to not have the class of 2016 out there on the field with me. It’s been tough, but we’re managing and still giving it our all.”

The Lady Warriors still take every game seriously and play with all their hearts.

Their most recent game was on October 5th at Patrick Henry. It was a rather challenging game for both teams. Varsity lost 4-0, while J.V. tied 0-0. Regardless of the harsh comments made by other players on the field, the Lady Warriors blocked everything out, and concentrated on their games with great dedication. So far in the season, both Varsity and J.V. squads have won some games and look forward to continuing to grow and succeed as both teams and as individuals. Every day, after school, the team dedicates their time in training hard.

“This may not have been our golden year, but our team is going to work harder than ever to be the best team in the conference. I really want to go to Districts before my senior year” said sophomore Zaria Johnson.


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