Henrico Free Press

by Olivia Booth

Welcome to the inaugural Henrico Free Press: Exercising the 1st amendment rights of Henrico High School students!

The section editors and I have visions for this paper: we hope it can function as a platform for student communication, a single banner to unite all of the student body, as well as a source of comical and informative articles relevant to people of Henrico, but for this we will need your help.

In order to write articles that you care about, we need to know what you care about. So another hope is that this publication can become an interactive one with plenty of surveys and participation from the entire student body.

If you have any suggestions for stories or improvements that can be made to the newspaper, please feel free to email us at henricofreepress@gmail.com.

Thanks and welcome,

Mrs. Kristina Schools: Staff Advisor and Supervisor

Olivia Booth: Editor-in-Chief

Feature Editor: Shriya Tripathi

Lifestyle Editor: Urmi Pandya

Sports Editor: Matt Vozar

Website Management and Design/IT: Dahsom Choi

Arts Editor: Linh Dao




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