Mrs. Castillo-Rose becomes Principal

By Olivia Booth
Mrs. Castillo-Rose is ready for a wonderful school year.
Mrs. Castillo-Rose is ready for a wonderful school year. (Photo taken by Olivia Booth)

New school year, new school, new principal. Henrico High School has undergone numerous changes over the last few years, but perhaps the foremost is the change in leadership this year.  With Dr. Monroe taking a job outside of Henrico County at the end of last school year, Mrs. Castillo-Rose has transitioned into the position of our school’s principal.

Mrs. Castillo-Rose first arrived at Henrico High School in 2011 as the assistant principal and then last year became our associate principal working closely with other administrators to improve our school’s morale and structure.  Before coming to Henrico High School, she taught at Varina High School.  Mrs. Castillo-Rose lived in Queens, New York prior to moving to Virginia.  With her experience in the classroom, she has been able to relate to both students and faculty members.

Her love and spirit for Warrior Nation shines far beyond school.  She is often seen parading around campus with green and gold streamers, and when asked about our school’s strengths she stated that “our diversity, our sense of community, the hardest working staff ever, and our bright and talented students” are what make Warrior Nation what it is.  She wants to utilize these assets to further improve our campus.

One of the goals she has this year includes “engaging our different communities in a way where they have a stake in building the fabric of the school.”  Additionally, she wants to see students rise to their fullest potential in a school that feels like a second home.

Her hopes and dreams for the school can already be seen this first week through Warrior Time. She anticipates that this time will allow students to receive needed tutoring or read texts that they want to read. With all of these positive changes though, our school’s problems have not been entirely eliminated yet.

Mrs. Castillo-Rose expresses regret at the fact that our school does not have a consistently positive reputation in the eyes of our community.  “Any time something happens at a Henrico County school, the news reports it as “a Henrico school,” so people automatically assume it happened here [Henrico High School]. There were more crisis incidents at other schools last year than at Henrico High School, yet everyone associates our school as having all the problems.”  Despite the often negative views of our school, Mrs. Castillo-Rose is enthused and optimistic about what our future holds as Warrior Nation.

“Seeing our students succeed and witnessing Henrico defy all expectations” are goals that she has for the 2016-2017 school year.


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