Henrico High School’s Renovation Complete

by Shriya Tripathi
The newly revamped bus ramp. (Photo taken by Olivia Booth)

After more than three years of going to work and attending school in a construction zone, Henrico High School’s faculty, staff, and students finally received the payoff when the 2016-2017 school year began.  When entering onto our campus now, freshly paved walkways and radiantly lit classrooms that have up to date technology are just a few of the positive new changes that can be observed.

Although Warriors are now enjoying the results of reaching the end of construction finish line, the journey to complete the “race” was not always easy.  Construction was originally scheduled to be a three-year project; however, due to changes in the plan, weather, and delayed shipment of materials, the process took longer than expected.

The construction period was a chaotic time for everyone. Mrs. Castillo-Rose, our new school principal, said that “Construction made our campus a muddy mess. Literally and figuratively. It was difficult to rearrange walking patterns and access routes, to schedule fire drills, to enter entire buildings of new rooms into PowerSchool anytime a new row came online, but it was all worth it. We now have a beautiful new campus with bright spaces and functional areas.”

Sophomore, Roseanna Brigham, shares similar sentiments. “Well, I’m thankful that the workers renovated the campus, but I just wish construction hadn’t changed my route to classes as much as it did.”

Mrs. Kroll, a Henrico High School’s assistant principal, is pleased with the overall remodeling of the school, too. She says that “Henrico now has the look of a modern, new campus with some new technologies and newly designed areas.”

With the freshly renovated campus comes a change in morale and an increase in hope for the future of Warrior Nation.  The school renovation has inspired both faculty and students.  Mrs. Castillo-Rose believes that “there is a new sense of pride about our campus. Sometimes it is easier to take care of a new thing rather than an old one that is falling apart anyway.  You can see it in the way our students and staff walk around campus. They pick up after themselves, they take pride in window displays, they enjoy the small stuff- like the bottle water fountains- they are GREAT!”

Here is to a new school year on our beautiful campus, Warriors.


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